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[NOTE: The seminar  scheduled for Saturday, April 4, 2020, was postponed due to the virus pandemic.  It will be rescheduled when conditions improve.  The information below and in some of the links will be updated when the next seminar is scheduled.]

Welcome to HisGloryOurJoy Ministries!  

Its purpose is two-fold: to promote a God-exalting vision where 1) His glory is seen and understood as supreme and 2) our joy is intensified as He becomes our all-satisfying treasure.

It's a ministry designed to take you on a journey of joy into the beautiful and passionate heart of God

You are probably visiting us because you have heard about the next "HisGloryOurJoy: 1401" seminar in Bakersfield, California, scheduled for April 4, 2020. We will be meeting at the "Homewood Suites by Hilton" conference room located at 1505 Mill Rock Way from 8:45am to 3pm.

NOTE: If you missed previous seminars, don't worry!  It is not necessary to have attended them in order to greatly benefit from the upcoming one.  I am positive you will be encouraged and challenged by the content shared.

As you begin to browse the pages, I'd like to encourage you to make it a priority to read the "My Passion" page before you read the "Upcoming Seminar Content" page.  Knowing my heart will help you know my vision.  It's the foundation for everything else.

By the way, here's another website of mine that might be of interest to you. It focuses on the passion of this seminar, end-time prophecy. Either address will take you there: or

Feel free to get in touch with me by phone, text or email with any questions you might have.  You can email me at or call/text at 530-864-1087.

Lastly, I realize that each of us is at different places with regard to our journey with God.  Some have just begun that journey, while others have traveled with Him for decades.  Some are delighted, while some might even be disillusioned.   Some love to be in His presence, others not always.  My desire is to bring a message of hope and renewal to those at both ends of the spectrum and anywhere in-between.  It would be my pleasure to be such a catalyst in your life.

For HisGloryOurJoy!

Allen Hadidian
Psalm 73:25  "Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth!"


Comments from previous seminars:
"...teaching was profound...a wonderful perspective on the glory of God.  

"...opened my heart and mind more than you know."  

" ... refreshing for me and for so many others to hear about His glory...very freeing and life-giving.",  

 "...appreciate  you sharing your heart with us...enjoyed learning about 'superior  pleasure' and how you guided us toward so many areas of Scripture."
"I  was invited into a depth of knowing God and His glory that reinforced  my confidence and awe in our magnificent, majestic God....It is simply  life-changing!"

*Please check the "Seminar Updates/Changes" page for any changes to the seminar.

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