Seminar Content


"HisGloryOurJoy-901", is the ninth seminar in a series (again, it's not necessary to have been to the other seminars to benefit from this one).

In the first seminar (101), the emphasis was on SEEING the glory of God.  
In the second seminar (201), the emphasis was on SAVORING (delighting) in the glory of God.  
In the third seminar (301), the emphasis was on SHOWCASING the glory of God.
In the fourth seminar (401), the emphasis was on SHARING IN the glory of God.
In the fifth seminary (501), the emphasis was on STRUGGLING WITH the glory of God. 
In this sixth seminar (601), the emphasis was on SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD and the glory of God.
In the seventh seminar (701), the emphasis was on SUMMATION OF ALL THINGS and the glory of God (a look into end time prophecy).
In the eighth seminar (801), the emphasis was on SUFFERING/EVIL and the glory of God.

The ninth seminar's topic is The Stunning Trinity and the Glory of God!


I'm convinced that many Christians don't have a big picture of what God is up to and how they fit. We tend to do many Christian activities such as pray, study, and witness.  But why do we do them?  What's it all about?  How do we put the Christian life together in a way that takes all of its pieces, activities to do, disciplines to follow, and commandments to obey, so that we have biblically clear tracks to run on. My goal is to help you see your God and your walk through a biblically-based, God-exalting, joy-producing lens!  

Who would benefit? Pastors and leaders who are equipping others to grow and minister;  parents who are training and instructing their children in the ways of the Lord; mentors who are discipling and teaching others. Christians at all levels of maturity who are trying to understand what God is up to in their lives.  Unbelievers who are curious what the Christian life is all about. 

We all need to be instructed and encouraged.  We all tend to get "stuck" in our walk.  Even if we're not stuck, we all need to be challenged to think in ways maybe we haven't thought of before.  I am certain some of you will say, "why haven't I been taught this or heard of this emphasis?"  It may be a paradigm shift for you in some ways.

We all are influencing others which requires us to be equipped.  We need to know where we are headed.  We need to be able to give others, in a clear and compelling way, a big picture perspective of why they are on earth and what is required of them.

It's a wondrous journey! 

It would be my pleasure to be able to be your tour guide as together we travel towards the greatest and most soul-satisfying destination imaginable......HisGloryOurJoy!